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Paediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)


Paediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry specialising in the dental health of the 0 - 13 age group. The most important functions of a child’s milk teeth are chewing, ensuring proper speech development and the overall strength and positioning of his or her permanent teeth. Should the milk teeth fall out or have to be removed early; the positioning of the permanent teeth may change and may not erupt in a straight manner. The most important aim of paediatric dentistry is preparing children to understand the importance of a healthy and decay-free mouth. To this end, paediatric dentistry is concerned with treating and ensuring that teeth, surrounding tissues, bones and gums have a strong structure. Healthy gums have a pink colour similar to that of an old rose, are hard and are slightly rough. In cases of poor oral hygiene, gums become soft, turn dark pink and shine.

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