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Orthodontics is concerned with the correction of crowded (crooked) teeth and misalignments between the upper and lower jaws. Achieving and maintaining oral hygiene is very difficult with overcrowded teeth, and makes removing food remnants difficult because of the resultant indentations and protrusions. Furthermore, the risk of decay and gum complaints is higher, too, without forgetting the aesthetically displeasing appearance crowding causes. The misalignment of the upper and lower jaws is an often-found reason for jaw-joint complaints.

Apart from daily brushing, regular check-ups at dentists are recommended, as daily brushing cannot remove build-up of tartar and the effects of decolourisers. Microorganisms the accumulate on tartar and plaque also effect dentine, cause gum illnesses and receding gums (gingivitis).

Consequently, we recommend that your dentist removes tartar and plaque periodically every 6 months using ultrasonic equipment as this is a very important aspect of overall oral hygiene. It is often said that teeth cleaning damages the enamel, however a qualified dentist using the correct equipment will not cause such problems.

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