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Periodontoloji (Diş Eti Hastalıkları)

When gums become infected, the bone securing the teeth in place begins to weaken and even if the teeth do not suffer any harm, they begin to wobble and finally fall out. This too is the cause of 70% of tooth-loss in adults. If periodontal illnesses are detected in their early stages diagnosis and subsequent treatment can save the tooth and prevent damaging bone weakening. Should gums turn dark pink and there is a change in its hardness it is a sign the patient is suffering from gingivitis. If left untreated, the following stage is known as periodontitis where the periodontal fibres begin to see damage and the tooth begins to separate from the gum. In such situations, tartar begins to accumulate in ‘pockets’, the new space between the tooth and gums. If left untreated, bone strength begins to deteriorate quickly.

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